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The following materials were developed as tools to implement the WPA Programme to Reduce the Stigma and Discrimination Because of Schizophrenia. They are available for programme participants to customize to fit local culture and programme needs. To download a document, click on its icon. Download Acrobat Reader

The Programme Brochure
An overview of the goals of the WPA Programme to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination because of Schizophrenia. Includes each participating country’s site contact, information on how to get involved in the programme, and names of committee members.
6 pages, 980K, August 1999

The Programme Document
The information from the WPA Programme to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination because of Schizophrenia has been divided into five volumes, available below.

Volume I
Guidelines for Programme Implementation. Outlines a series of steps for developing a programme to reduce stigma and discrimination because of schizophrenia and includes an estimate of the time needed to complete each step. While it is expected that the time required may vary from site to site, it is recommended that sites follow the sequence as specified and complete all steps.
42 pages, 406K, September 1998

Volume II
Information about Schizophrenia Relevant to Programme Implementation. Contains facts about schizophrenia selected on the basis of their relevance to such programmes. In this part of the programme document, messages of particular relevance to the reduction of stigma and discrimination are highlighted in the margins. The information in Volume II will be updated regularly to reflect new research findings and the experience of those participating in the programme at different sites.
103 pages, 765K, September 1998

Volume IV
Compendium of Programmes Aiming to Reduce Stigma and Discrimination Because of Schizophrenia or Mental Illness in General. Contains information on anti-stigma programmes world-wide engaged in fighting mental illness stigma and discrimination. This compendium collects and reviews information on existing programmes and materials, in order to help those implementing the WPA Programme design their own project, and decide on the media materials to be used. The survey is ongoing and it is expected that many more programmes will be included as information about them is received. Additions will be published as supplements to this compendium.
175K, 39 pages

Volume V
Annotated List of Materials for use in Country Programmes. This volume is an annotated list of materials used in country anti-stigma programmes. The materials are indexed alphabetically by title, author, audience, media, and language.
11 pages, 223K, August 1999

Downloadable logos
created for the WPA global programme against stigma and discrimination because of schizophrenia. Presents the slogan “Open the Doors” in 10 different languages. Each translated slogan is available to download in EPS.

Arabic 152 K
Austrian-German 160K
Chinese 156K
English 180K
French 156K
German 164K
Hindi 148K
Italian 152K
Russian 144K
Spanish 152K

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