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Germany is one of the recently established sites to adopt and implement a nation-specific version of the WPA anti-stigma programme. Efforts being implemented in the four regions will focus on different aspects of the programme, but will nevertheless cooperate and complement the work of each other.

  • Kiel is currently developing a media concept to be regionally implemented and evaluated with a pre- and post- attitude survey.
  • Leipzig, which has the longest experience in attitude research, is developing a multilevel intervention concept, and will start a nationwide attitude survey in early 2000. This survey will define the baseline for all projects, and will be repeated about two years after interventions have taken place. Currently, the Leipzig group is carrying out focus interviews with patients, families, and professionals at different target sites. These interviews will help identify specific problem areas where interventions are needed.
  • München is experienced in telematics and has already developed a number of psychoeducational materials which can be adopted by other centres.
  • Düsseldorf and München are coordinators of a recently implemented German Research Network on Schizophrenia (MedNet Schizophrenia), funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). They will focus on multilevel anti-stigma interventions within some centers of MedNet to compare long-term treatment outcomes in centres with and without specific interventions.

Contact information
Dr. Wolfgang Gaebel
Rheinische Landes-und Hochschulklinink
Bergische Landstrasse 2
Düsseldorf, D-40629

Local Action Group members
W. Gaebel (Düsseldorf)
J. Aldenhoff (Kiel)
M. Angermeyer B. Schulze (Leipzig)
H. Fsrstl W. Kissling (München, TU)
H. Häfner (Mannheim)
H. J. Möller
R. Bottlender (München, LMU)

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