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Spain has completed the pre-testing phase of its programme in Madrid, and is proceeding with targeted anti-stigma interventions and informational campaign to the media.
     The first stage of “Esquizofrenia sin Rechazo” —Spain’s adaptation, development, pre-testing and revision of the WPA anti-stigma programme—comprised:

  • A general population survey with 518 aleatory interviews in Madrid. Results showed that there is little rejection towards patients with schizophrenia, mainly due to ignorance of the illness and a high level of tolerance.
  • Surveys to patients, relatives and psychiatrists. The most striking results were that 712 patients knew about the illness and more than half of them experienced stigma. Two thirds felt this discrimination was due to their work with a psychiatrist. 77% of relatives believed the illness has no cure and called the patient lazy. 62% felt rejected by the patient. 52% felt rejected by their relatives, and 32% by other health care professionals. 41% consider schizophrenia as a chronic illness with little recovery.
  • Translation and adaptation of programme documents Volume I and II, and the creation of informational material, evaluation records, and guidelines for teacher’s seminars.
  • Organisation of two seminars for the members of the teaching committee on communication techniques. These teachers later organized 48 seminars in 1999, and received positive feedback.
  • Development of an informational campaign for the media.

The second stage consisted in the evaluation of the program through an exhaustive analysis of the seminar outcomes. A second opinion survey to relatives and psychiatrists will be carried out. Information appearing in the media was also analyzed, before starting the program and afterwards.
     The program has been accepted as one of the 1998 Madrid Mental Health Programs.

Contact Information
Natalia Urrecho
Esquizofrenia sin Rechazo
Scientific Secretary
c/o Hermanos
Becquer 4, 1 Madrid, 28006 Spain
FAX: 91-563-24-66

Local Action Group
J. J. Lopez-Ibor
M.D. Crespo
O. Cuenca

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