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Brescia has been the starting point for Italy’s nationwide network of anti-stigma activities. The Local Action Group stationed there will help coordinate the effort throughout the country.
     Twenty years after the implementation of the Italian reform law, stigma is still a strong barrier to integrating people suffering from schizophrenia into our society.
     In Brescia, a town in northern Italy, we have recently started a project to evaluate public attitudes towards the mentally ill in collaboration with the WPA program against stigma and discrimination because of schizophrenia. We intend to design a local plan aimed to specific target groups such as patients, family members, journalists, students and the clergy.
     At the same time, we have made efforts to create an Italian network to fight against stigma. So far, we have involved Bologna, Torino, L’Aquilla and the National Institute of Health. Each site will establish its own program in the near future.

Contact information
Dr. Girolamo Rossi
Centro San Giovanni di Dio-Fatebenefratelli
c/o Int. S. Cuore di Gesu
Brescia, Italy
FAX: 39-030-353-3513

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