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The countrywide WPA programme in Greece will build upon the work already begun at the University Mental Health Research Institute.
For several years, prior to the initiation of the “Fighting Stigma and Discrimination because of Schizophrenia” programme, the University Mental Health Research Institute developed a Public Awareness Program on Mental Health. This programme included a number of preparatory actions relevant to the stigma issue, including:

  • General population survey on prevalence of mental disorders
  • Informative Guide of Mental Health Psychosocial Rehabilitation and Support Services in Greece, Preliminary studies on knowledge and attitudes of general public and special groups about and mental illness
  • Publication of educational material for patients with schizophrenia and their families
  • Production of two videos about schizophrenia and several nation-wide TV and radio broadcasts on the same subject
  • An HORIZON Program focused on stigma experienced by families and patients
  • Establishment of the Panhellenic Association for Families of Mental Health and the Association of Patients.

Following the designation of Greece as a site, our primary task was to incorporate the previous actions to the new programme and use the resources already available as a back-up mechanism for its development. Within this frame our site proceeded thus far with the following:

  • Formation of committees following the guidelines and adjusting them to local conditions
  • Role assignments to initial working group members
  • Contact with key persons
  • Fund raising for initiating the systematic study on attitudes, which is expected to start in mid-September 1999.

Contact information
Dr. Marina Economou
Eginition Hospital
Athens University Medical School
72-74 Vas. Sophias Ave
Athens, 11528 Greece
FAX: 30-1-724-3905

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