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Local Action Groups, interventions and activities are being organized in cities throughout Italy; specifically, L'Aquila, Torino, Bologna, Roma, Cagliari and Treviso.

Programme Highlights

  • The groups conducted a survey of the newspaper "Il Giornale di Brescia" in 1998 and again in 2002. Several articles about mental health were found and, when the results of the two studies were compared, there was a greater number of positive articles written in 2002 than in 1998. The national effort appears to have made a positive contribution.
  • The programme has been invited by the Italian Association of Psychiatry and the Italian Association of Psycho-social Rehabilitation to give two courses about "Psycho-social Treatment and Reduction of Stigma: Projects Based on Evidences".

Programme Coordinator
Dr. Giuseppe Rossi
IRCCS "Centro S. Giovanni di Dio" - Fatebenefratelli
Via Pilastroni, 4
25125 Brescia, Italy
Phone: 39 030 3501506
Fax: 39 030 3533513
Email: [email protected]
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