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Alberta was the location of the first pilot site for the WPA anti-stigma programme.

Programme Highlights

  • The pilot site works in close cooperation with the Schizophrenia Society and its Speaker's Bureau of consumers, family members and professionals. Their successful Partnership Programme includes individuals living with schizophrenia, and their family members, working with professionals to educate the public about schizophrenia.
  • Five guidelines were developed and implemented in regional hospitals to reduce the stigma experienced by individuals brought into the ER with acute psychotic episodes. The guidelines have since been adopted nationwide in Canada.
  • Interventions in high schools through the Partnership Programme led to positive results in changing knowledge of schizophrenia (increasing perfect scores from 12% to 28%) and attitudes toward those living with the illness (increasing results of "No Social Distance" from 16% to 30%).

Programme Coordinator
Fay Herrick
Director, Partnership Programme
731 Lake Lucerne Drive S.E.
Calgary, AB
Canada T2J 3H6
Phone: (403) 264.5161
Fax: (403) 269.1727
Email: [email protected]

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