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Nowhere / a poem by D. from the United States:

Everywhere I am is the place I do not want to be in this life of misery.
Accepted the doctrines of the depressed that life equals pain. Everything I do in such vain.
In somber silence I sit, with a mind that they say is split.
In days of fresh air, I breathe it in with despair.
In a room full of strangers I feel their daggers of danger.
Neither lost nor found. I try to find meaning instead of being buried underground.
To imagine what it is like to live in a country this is poor; aids me to fight this life of war.
Friend few and far between; hanging out with them like a light beam.
High times uncovering the root; eating prescription pills like fruit.
Bowling for better days, hoping to use this anger in constructive ways.
Food forever my vice, fill my stomach with avarice.
My mother's love keeps me alive. Surprised I made it till twenty-five.


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