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Housing / C., a woman suffering from schizophrenia for 15 years has painful memories of the second time she had to go into the psychiatric hospital:

“…And then I told my neighbor that I had to go back to hospital and asked her whether she could do the stairs for me again when it’s my turn, and all she said was: “What a pity about your flat!” and slammed the door in my face. I was totally puzzled... and the relationship with the neighbors changed completely. I mean, I remember how well we got on together for decades, how we went on holidays together, how we talked to each other, how we treated one another. That had been totally different before...and that hurt me so much.”

Employment / F., is living with schizophrenia and is back in paid employment after a long and tough job hunt remembers:

“When I recovered from my first episode, I—stupidly enough—tried to get in touch with my previous employer. And then I tried to explain them that I wasn’t well and the like, and they were sort of interested, in such a way that they asked me whether my wife is still with me (laughs), but that was it. We cannot do anything for you anymore and we don’t want to employ you again either…well, and then they interrupted the conversation. It would have been better not to mention a word….”

Friends and Family / A., her son has recently developed schizophrenia, has found this with her friends:

“There’s insecurity, I’d say, a lot of insecurity. I notice that with my friends, that they approach me, let’s say after 3 or 4 weeks, that they say: ‘We don’t really know how to handle all this. We are trying to read up on it, and now start realizing how many facets this illness has. It’s all pretty confusing.’ What disappoints us a little is that insecurity toward our son, that we almost have to invite them to get in contact, that we have to say: Why don’t you give him a call some time? …And then we hear ‘What should we talk about with him, which questions shall we ask?’.”

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